University of British Columbia Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program To Study in Canada

University of British Columbia Mastercard Foundation Program is one of the universities that are pleased to partner with The Mastercard Foundation Scholars program.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is developing Africa’s next generation of leaders. The program allows students whose talent and promise exceed their financial resources to complete their education. With a vision that education is a catalyst for social and economic change, the program focuses on developing leaders who are transformative, encouraging them to be active contributors in their communities.

The program is designed in a way that it gives young people who are academically talented access to education. The University of British Columbia is among the first Canadian universities to join The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program and one of 15 institutions in the world participating in the $500 million global education initiative.

It is also very important you know that the scholarship offers started in 2013 and the type of program the attain is The Master’s Degree and The Undergraduate Program. Also, the scholarship duration is just for a full period of time.

Scholarship Benefits for University of British Columbia Mastercard Foundation Program

As a scholar or a partaker of this program, there are so many things you stand to enjoy which are at your own benefit. Such a thing includes:

Firstly, you will receive a scholarship which is equivalent to the cost related to attaining a degree which includes:
*Living expenses

Secondly, you will also receive financial, social, academic, and postgraduate support which will help or rather guide you to build experiences and competencies for academic success.

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So these are the benefits, and you can also check below to see the requirements and eligibility in other to proceed with your application.

Eligible field of Study for the University of British Columbia Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program 

Trust me when I say that these below are the eligible field of study for the University of British Columbia Mastercard Foundation Program:

1. Sauder School of Business
*Full-Time MBA Program

2. Faculty of Forestry
*Master of Science (MSc)
*Master of Applied Science (MASc)
*Master of Sustainable Forest Management (MSFM)
*Master of International Forestry (MIF)
*Master of Geomatics for Environmental Management (MGEM)

3. Faculty of Land and Food Systems
*Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE)
*Master of Food Science (MFS)
*Master of Land and Water Systems (MLWS)

4. Faculty of Education
*Master of Educational Administration and Leadership (EDAL)
*Master of Higher Education (HIED)
*Master of Education in Science Education (SCED)

5. Faculty of Medicine
*Master of Public Health (MPH)

6. Faculty of Science
Master of Data Science

Selection Criteria and eligibility:

Below are what it takes to be selected at the University of British Columbia Mastercard Foundation Program

  1. You must be a citizen of and have lived a significant part of their life in a Sub-Saharan African country.
  2. You must present economically disadvantaged financial circumstances, and be able to show lack of financial means from family or other sources to pursue graduate education in their home country or rather somewhere else.
  3. You must have completed a Bachelor’s degree
  4. You must have achieved academic excellence under difficult circumstances, and show leadership qualities or potential.
  5. You must exhibit interest in and commitment to giving back to his/her home community in ways that enhance the economic growth and social development of Africa, through engagement in activities in their current profession, university or community
  6. You must be committed to returning to Africa immediately after graduation from UBC in order to apply their training and skills to the betterment of others
  7. You must be applying for a Master’s degree in one of the following Faculties and programs at UBC’s Vancouver campus mention above when we discussed the eligibility field of study.
  8. You must be a person who requires a Canadian study permit to study in Canada

So that is just it. Nevertheless, you can quickly check below to learn how you can proceed with your application for free

How to Apply For University of British Columbia Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program To Study in Canada

As an applicant, once you go through the necessary requirements and the eligibility, and you think you are equal to the scholarship requirments, here are the steps you need to follow for your application to be successful.

But before that, you have to bear in mind that the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program varies from institution to institution. And therefore, the program provides financial, academic and social supports to the scholars.

Here are ways to apply for the scholarship program:

1. To start your application, you visit the site below: Once you must have opened the site

2. Start your application to The University of British Columbia, By First, creating a Campus-Wide Login (CWL). Note that if you don’t have a CWL, you must create one because you will need your CWL user name and password to check your application and access all of the University’s online systems throughout your time at UBC.UBC Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program To Study in Canada

3. If you have created the CWL, you can now start your application. Starting your application in the sense that you log in to your CWL and continue the application by doing the necessary things that are required of you.

You also have to bear in mind that as soon as you receive an offer of admission to UBC, you’ll automatically be considered for these merit-based awards. Consideration is based on your demonstrated academic achievement and extracurricular involvement. And also, you will be considered for this scholarship shortly after you receive an offer of admission to The University of British Columbia.

For other international undergraduate scholarship information at UBC, please visit

You can also learn more about other partner institutions offering the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program here:

You can as well locate the school with the address below:

The UBC Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Vancouver Campus
c/o MCFSP, Global Lounge
2205 Lower Mall, Bldg 1
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4
Tel 604 822 9803

I guess you are good to go. Lastly, remember that you can as well use the comment section to drop your opinion or ask your questions too.


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