How To Apply For MSM Football Academy Full Scholarship FREE

Are you also among those searching for the Full Scholarship At MSM Football Academy? or How To Apply For MSM Football Academy Full Scholarship FREE? then I must tell you that am pleased to inform you that The Free Full MSM Scholarship “Your Chance” is now available for interesting application to proceed with their application not.

But before proceeding with this Full Scholarship, it is important you know that the launching of a football educational project “Your Chance” by The MSM International Football Academy was back then in 2015.

However, it might interest you to know that MSM International Football Academy host students who want to become professional footballers every summer this is because research shows that most of them are just too talented and want to pursue their dream to play professionally throughout their life.

Talking about every summer that MSM Host student, it might also interest you to know the list of programs MSM International Football Academy offer.

MSM International Football Academy Programs

MSM knowing fully well that not all of the players have the financial means to come and apply for a university in Europe, this is one really this below programs are been offered:

One-year Football Academy + Foundation
Half-year Football Academy + Foundation
Summer Football Camp – July and August
Football Team Camp
Tournaments in Prague
International Football Tournament
Football Camp

So this is most of the Full Scholarship Program MSM Offers. And trust me when I say that From summer 2015 MSM International Football Academy gives a unique chance to talented and professional players.How To Apply For MSM Football Academy Full Scholarship FREE

Like you might know that every scholarship has his requirements and eligibility but in this Full Scholarship At MSM Football Academy, the eligibility is just totally different from what you might have been seeing online. So checkly check it out below:

Eligibility or Requirements for Full Scholarship At MSM Football Academy Application

Trust me when I say that much is really not required from you at all, however, all you just need to know is that:

  • If you are twice as good as any of your classmates, you love football and would like to study in university as well, you have a chance to win a soccer grant for free either Czech or English language courses, free tuition at a university and free membership in Czech football club!
  • Be at MSM summer football camp, show what you can do during a month in Prague and prove that you are the best and get a soccer grant!

Once you have these qualities or prove your self out then have it in mind that you can be the successful winner of the lucky ticket to the world of professional training and education in Europe!

Nevertheless, before the MSM summer football a month camp in Prague, you will have to fill out the form (Provide your pieces of information required) which the MSM football management can use in getting in contact with you.

So below I proceed to show you how you can apply for the Free Full Scholarship At MSM Football Academy Application, IS also important to see 7 REASONS TO WIN THE “FOOTBALL AND EDUCATION“ GRANT:

7 Reasons Why You Need To Win The “Football & Education” Grant

Below are the top seven reasons:

  1. Get a free high-quality European education;
  2. Have a chance to play in a European team in Prague;
  3. Take part in international tournaments throughout Europe;
  4. Discover new perspectives and opportunities
  5. Acquire international experience;
  6. Learn foreign languages;
  7. Build your future in Europe

Don’t miss your chance.

Without taking much of the time here again, it also important you check out how you can proceed with your Free Football Academy Application with MSM now.

How To Apply For MSM Football Academy Full Scholarship FREE

It is true that Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo popularly know as CR7 and other top stars in football today might not have come from this MSM Football Academy, but trust me when I say that they all started somewhere. however, if you know, then you know. So quickly check below to see how you can apply now.

STEP 1 – First thing first, You will have to visit the official site

STEP 2 – Once the site opens, then scroll down to fill out the form that requires some of your info like:
Your Name and your E-mail Address which is required,
Your Telephone Number,
Your Skype Account Name,
Your Theme and lastly your Message

STEP 3 – So after you are done providing all of this and you are also sure they are all correct, then click on “Send”

At this point, your application will be sent and any other information will be made known to you via your Skype or Email and Phone Number you provided.

If in case you have any challenges or problems doing and after your application, then you can use the comment box or our Contact Us Form and we will be of help to you.

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