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Walmart and the Walmart Foundation generally provide more than $1 billion in cash and in-kind to support programs Scholarship and others and if you are also among those looking forward to Apply For Walmart Scholarship or any kind, then I must tell you that this post is just for you.

Walmart Foundation creates opportunities for people to live better every day, and most people who really know about it have to try been among them. But don’t worry because ScholarshipHint is here to help you out also.

Before I proceed in showing you this you need to know about the Walmart and the Walmart Foundation generally, I will like you to understand that there are different scholarships one can apply for on Walmart Foundation, So quickly check them out below:

List of Walmart Scholarship Application To Apply For

Following what is current, the Walmart Dependent Scholarship Program! and Walmart Associate Scholarship Program! are what is obtainable

WalMart dependent scholarship
Walmart community scholarship application
WalMart scholarship for college students
Walmart associates scholarship
WalMart employee scholarship application

Regardless of listing all of this out for you, I will still be showing you here How you can proceed to Apply For The Walmart Scholarship Program

What You MOST Know About Walmart Scholarship

The Walmart Foundation’s mission is to create opportunities so people can live better just like I stated above but the Walmart Scholarship program is intended for associates who have earned a high school/home school diploma or GED.

Walmart is committed to helping people live better by addressing community needs and enhancing opportunities for environmental sustainability, education, workforce development, and health and wellness. However, the maximum award amount is $16000 for the winners over a period of 6 years.

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However, one thing you must know here is that Walmart Scholarship Application is open to only students in the United States, so this simply means that the United States is the ONLY ELIGIBLE NATIONALITY.

Walmart Scholarship Deadline:

Unlike other organizations that also provide scholarship to the general public, Walmart Fiscal provides 4 quarterly application periods in a signal year which includes:

Feb 1 – March 1, Yearly
May 1 – June 1, Yearly
August 1 – September 1, Yearly
November 1 – December 1, Yearly

The current application Period will always be available to you once you are ready to proceed with your application. But before that is it also important you check out below for the Eligibility For Walmart Scholarship

Walmart Scholarship Eligibility For All Applicant

All Walmart Scholarship Applicants must meet all the following criteria below before applying for the Walmart Scholarship. So quickly check it out.

  • Applicant must be employed part-time or full-time with any division of Walmart for at least six consecutive months prior to the application due date for the award period in which the associate is applying.
  • The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States.
  • Applicant must have graduated high school/home school, have obtained a GED or be a graduating high school senior who intends to enroll in a college or university upon graduation.
  • Applicant must wait to apply until HE/SHE is within 6 months of starting the college courses only when applying as a graduating high school senior
  • Applicant must have financial need and be able to demonstrate the need with the required documents. (Note: Associates with other funds that pay entirely for tuition, books, fees and on-campus room and board are not eligible.)
  • Nevertheless, Academic requirement- an associate must have graduated high school/home school or obtained a GED before applying, or a graduating high school senior who is within 6 months of starting a college course.

So this is just the simple requires you just have to meet up with, and I guess you are very much eligible. So in that note, you can quickly check below to see how you can then proceed with your application fast.

How to Apply For Walmart Scholarship Program

With this Step by step application process below, you can now proceed with your Walmart Scholarship Application Today which is pretty easy.

STEP 1 – Create Account
All candidates must register themselves to proceed with the Walmart Associate Scholarship Application. So visit this link to create an account

STEP 2 – Login
After creating an account, then you will have to Log in to your AIM account in other to be talking directly to the Welcome Page of the Walmart Associate Scholarship application

STEP 3 – Fill Application And Upload
Once you are in the Welcome Page of the Walmart Associate Scholarship application, then complete all required fields in the Walmart Online Application Form and upload your financial documentation

STEP 5 – Submit
Finally, click the Submit button on the Save/Submit page of the online application form and you are done.

NOTE: Time needed: 30 minutes.

Your Walmart employee scholarships or WalMart community scholarship application or Walmart scholarship for college students or Walmart associates scholarship and even Walmart dependent scholarship Application will be very much successfully once you follow these above steps.

Walmart Scholarship Program Support Contact

ISTS Program Support is available Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm Central, to assist applicants with the scholarship application process.

Phone: (800) 311-6823

For more information about the application Program Guide visit here. Remember that you can as well use the comment box below in asking or dropping your opinions about this WALMART SCHOLARSHIP

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